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The students of His Kids Christian School are collecting donations for the veterans at the VA Hospital in Butler!  Please help us out by donating any of the items listed below (REGULAR SIZE not travel size, please!) to help our local veterans and to be a blessing to them!

Body Wash



 Chap Stick




Razors (double-blade)

(not the cheap $1 ones,

they cut the Vets’ faces)

Denture Adhesive

Denture Cleaner

Word Search Books Crossword Puzzle Books


Model Car/plane Kits



Laundry Detergent(regular and non hypoallergenic)

Feminine Hygiene Products

Also, any small, or handheld flags we can collect will be used on Veterans’ grave sites, used during the Memorial Day holiday, or just passed out at the hospital to all of our Vets currently staying there.  These men and women gave much of their lives and abilities to serve our country and keep us free.  Let’s show them how thankful we are for their service!!

Donations can be dropped off at the school or we can arrange a pick up time March 2nd -April 3rd

Thank you for your participation!


Any questions contact:  Josh McKruit— jmckruit@hiskidscs.org