Mr. McKruit
Intermediate 4th Grade

Mr. McKruit is a 2009 graduate of Slippery Rock University with a degree in Elementary Education. After a few years of not teaching and working elsewhere outside of the profession, he went back to college and started working on his masters in Special Education; in which he completed this past spring 2016. Before coming to HIS Kids he spent a year working at Butler Catholic as a long term substitute for the 4th grade class during the first two months of the school year,  and the rest of the school year working for the South Butler School district as the primary building support teacher; filling in for classes that didn’t have substitutes and working with the Kindergarten language program.  He is currently in his 5th year at HIS Kids Christian School

Mr. McKruit is married and has four beautiful children; three sons named Elijah, Evyn, and Troy, and a daughter named Sophia. He is a devoted Catholic and is involved in the church in many ways. Is looking forward in working with the children and staff of HIS Kids school.